SSN is awarding a variety of prizes to honour outstanding achievements in surveillance studies in different ways:
We give an outstanding achievement award to individuals that have made major contributions to the field; on a more regular basis SSN awards a book prize as well as paper prize (named: Early Career Researcher award) from papers published in Surveillance & Society.

This is an overview of all those honoured and awarded with one of the prizes.

The Surveillance Studies Network will sponsor up to 2 PhD students from the global south to attend the Surveillance Project’s bi-annual Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar (SSSS).

Every two years, the Surveillance Studies Network will award up to 3 bursaries of £500 (500 GBP) each for attendees of the Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar (SSSS) organized by the Surveillance Studies Centre from less developed or developing countries, who are in need of financial assistance.

The SSN Outstanding Award recognizes distinguished academic achievement in Surveillance Studies. The nominated persons have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the field, from any disciplinary background and have “made a difference” to how Surveillance Studies is understood and practiced.

The Surveillance Studies Network will award up to 4 prizes of £100 (GBP) each for papers published in the Surveillance & Society Journal that demonstrate exceptional promise in Surveillance Studies.

The Surveillance Studies Network awards an annual book prize to a scholar who has published a book in the same year that is primarily concerned with surveillance.

The Surveillance Studies Network Arts Prize is a bi-annual award that recognizes and publicly supports artwork centered on critical readings of surveillance.

The SSN Small Grants scheme provides funding to support junior/early-career scholars working in economically under-resourced regions of the world.